The Freaks Hall: Wynonie Harris

Wynonie Harris

Class of 2017

Born: August 24, 2015, Omaha, NE

Died: June 14, 1969, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Discography: 

Women, Whiskey & Fish Tails (1993, Ace)

Rockin’ the Blues (2001, Proper)

Lovin’ Machine (2002, Ace)

Don’t You Wanna Rock? The King & Deluxe Acetate Series (2006, Ace)

Rock Mr. Blues! The King & Atco Recordings, 1949-56 (2007, Rev-Ola)



The Freaks Hall: The Bobby Fuller Four

The Bobby Fuller Four

Class of 2017

Formed: 1962, El Paso, TX


Bobby Fuller

Randy Fuller

Jim Reese

Dalton Powell

DeWayne Quirico

Selected Discography: 

KRLA King of the Wheels (1965, Mustang)

I Fought The Law (1966, Mustang)

The Bobby Fuller Memorial Album (1968, President)

Never To Be Forgotten: The Mustang Years (1997, Mustang/Del-Fi)

El Paso Rock: Early Recordings Vol. 1 (1996, Norton)

El Paso Rock: More Early Recordings Vol. 2 (1997, Norton)

Rock and Roll King of the Southwest (2007, Norton)

Bobby Fuller Live (2007, Norton)

El Paso Rock: Early Recordings Vol. 3 (2010, Norton)




The Freaks Hall: Kim Fowley

Kim Fowley

Class of 2015

Born: July 21, 1939, Los Angeles, CA

Died: January 15, 2015, Hollywood, CA

Selected Discography:

Love Is Alive and Well (1967, Tower)

Born To Be Wild (1968, Imperial)

Outrageous (1968, Imperial)

Good Clean Fun (1969, Imperial)

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1970, MNW Sweden)

I’m Bad (1972, Capitol/EMI)

International Heroes (1973, Capitol)

Automatic (1974, Secret)

Animal God of the Streets (1975, Skydog)

Living In The Streets (1978, Sonet)

Sunset Boulevard (1978, PVC)

Snake Document Masquerade (1979, Antillies)

Hotel Insomnia (1994, Marilyn)

Kings of Saturday Night (w/Ben Vaughn) (1995, Sector 2)

Bad News From the Underworld (1995

The Trip of a Lifetime (1998, Resurgence)

One Man’s Garbage (2009, Norton)

Another Man’s Gold (2009, Norton)

King of the Creeps (2012, Norton)

Technicolor Grease (2014, Norton)




The Freaks Hall: The Fleshtones

The Fleshtones

Class of 2017

Formed: 1976, Queens, NY


Peter Zaremba

Keith Streng

Jan Marek Pakulski

Larry Calder0n

Bill Milhizer

Gordon Spaeth

Ken Fox

Selected Discography: 

Up Front (1980, I.R.S.)

Roman Gods (1982, I.R.S.)

Blast Off! (1982, RIOR)

Hexbreaker! (1983, I.R.S.)

Speed Connection – Live in Paris 1985 (1985, I.R.S.)

Speed Connection II – The Final Chapter (1985, I.R.S.)

Fleshtones vs. Reality (1987, Emergo)

Soul Madrid (1989, Impossible)

Power Stance (1991, Naked Language/Ichiban)

Beautiful Light (1993, Naked Language/Ichiban)

Laboratory of Sound (1995, Ichiban)

Hitsburg USA (1996, Telstar)

More Than Skin Deep (1997, Ichiban)

Hitsburg Revisited (1999, Telstar)

Solid Gold Sound (2001, Blood Red)

Do You Swing? (2003, YepRoc)

Beachhead (2005, YepRoc)

Take A Good Look (2008, YepRoc)

Stocking Stuffer (2008, YepRoc)

Brooklyn Sound Solution (2011, YepRoc)

Wheel of Talent (2014, YepRoc)

The Band Drinks For Free (2016, YepRoc)




No Such Thing As Was

The Freaks Hall: Flamin’ Groovies

Flamin’ Groovies

Class of 2015

Formed: 1965, San Francisco


Cyril Davies
Roy Loney
George Alexander
Tim Lynch
Danny Mihm
Chris Wilson
James Farrell
David Wright

Selected Discography: 

Supersnazz (1969, Epic)

Flamingo (1970, Kama Sutra)

Teenage Head (1971, Kama Sutra)

Still Shakin’ (1976, Kama Sutra)

Shake Some Action (1976, Sire)

Flamin’ Groovies Now (1978, Sire)

Jumpin’ In The Night (1979, Sire)

A Bucketful of Brains (1983, Voxx)

One Night Stand (1987, ABC)

Rock Juice (1993, National Records)

Grease: The Complete Skydog Singles Collection (1998, Jungle)

Slow Death (2002, Norton)

Sneakers and Rockfield Sessions (2004, Aim)



The Freaks Hall: Devo


Class of 2017

Formed: 1973, Akron, OH


Mark Mothersbaugh
Bob Mothersbaugh
Gerald Casale
Bob Casale
Alan Myers

Selected Discography: 

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978, Warner Bros)

Duty Now For The Future (1979, Warner Bros)

Freedom of Choice (1980, Warner Bros)

New Traditionalists (1981, Warner Bros)

DEV-O Live (1981, Warner Bors)

Oh, No! It’s Devo (1982, Warner Bros)

Shout (1984, Warner Bros)

E-Z Listening Disc (1987, Rykodisc)

Total Devo (1988, Enigma)

Smooth Noodle Maps (1990, Enigma)

Hardcore Devo, Vol. 1 (1990, Rykodisc)

Hardcore Devo, Vol. 2 (1991, Rykodisc)

Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology (2000, Rhino/Warner Bros)

Something For Everybody (2010, Warner Bros)



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The Freaks Hall: The Damned

The Damned

Class of 2017

Formed: 1976, London


Dave Vanian
Brian James
Captain Sensible
Rat Scabies
Lu Edmonds
Algy Ward
Paul Gray
Roman Jugg
Bryn Merrick
Monty Oxymoron
Stu West

Selected Discography:

Damned Damned Damned (1977, Stiff)

Music For Pleasure (1977, Stiff)

Machine Gun Etiquette (1979, Chiswick)

The Black Album (1980, Chiswick)

Live Shepperton 1980 (1982, Ace)

Strawberries (1982, Bronze)

Live at Newcastle (1983, Damned)

Phantasmagoria (1985, MCA)

Anything (1986, MCA)

Not The Captain’s Birthday Party? (1986, Demon)

Light at the End of the Tunnel (1987, MCA)

The Radio One Sessions (1996, Nighttracks)

Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987 (2002, Castle Music)



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The Freaks Hall: Dick Dale

Dick Dale

Class of 2014

Born: May 4, 1937, Boston, MA

Selected Discography: 

Surfer’s Choice (1962, Deltone)

King of the Surf Guitar (1963, Capitol)

Checkered Flag (1963, Capitol)

Mr. Eliminator (1964, Capitol)

Summer Surf (1964, Capitol)

Rock Out with Dick Dale and His Del-Tones: Live at Ciro’s (1965, Capitol)

Greatest Hits (1975, GNP Crescendo)

The Tigers Loose (1983, Balboa)

Tribal Thunder (1993, HighTone)

Unknown Territory (1994, HighTone)

Calling Up Spirits (1996, Beggar’s Banquet)

The Phantom Surfers and Dick Dale (1996, Crown)

Better Shred Than Dead: The Dick Dale Anthology (1997, Rhino)



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