The Freaks Hall: The Fleshtones

The Fleshtones

Class of 2017

Formed: 1976, Queens, NY


Peter Zaremba

Keith Streng

Jan Marek Pakulski

Larry Calder0n

Bill Milhizer

Gordon Spaeth

Ken Fox

Selected Discography: 

Up Front (1980, I.R.S.)

Roman Gods (1982, I.R.S.)

Blast Off! (1982, RIOR)

Hexbreaker! (1983, I.R.S.)

Speed Connection – Live in Paris 1985 (1985, I.R.S.)

Speed Connection II – The Final Chapter (1985, I.R.S.)

Fleshtones vs. Reality (1987, Emergo)

Soul Madrid (1989, Impossible)

Power Stance (1991, Naked Language/Ichiban)

Beautiful Light (1993, Naked Language/Ichiban)

Laboratory of Sound (1995, Ichiban)

Hitsburg USA (1996, Telstar)

More Than Skin Deep (1997, Ichiban)

Hitsburg Revisited (1999, Telstar)

Solid Gold Sound (2001, Blood Red)

Do You Swing? (2003, YepRoc)

Beachhead (2005, YepRoc)

Take A Good Look (2008, YepRoc)

Stocking Stuffer (2008, YepRoc)

Brooklyn Sound Solution (2011, YepRoc)

Wheel of Talent (2014, YepRoc)

The Band Drinks For Free (2016, YepRoc)




No Such Thing As Was

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