The Freaks Hall: Kim Fowley

Kim Fowley

Class of 2015

Born: July 21, 1939, Los Angeles, CA

Died: January 15, 2015, Hollywood, CA

Selected Discography:

Love Is Alive and Well (1967, Tower)

Born To Be Wild (1968, Imperial)

Outrageous (1968, Imperial)

Good Clean Fun (1969, Imperial)

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1970, MNW Sweden)

I’m Bad (1972, Capitol/EMI)

International Heroes (1973, Capitol)

Automatic (1974, Secret)

Animal God of the Streets (1975, Skydog)

Living In The Streets (1978, Sonet)

Sunset Boulevard (1978, PVC)

Snake Document Masquerade (1979, Antillies)

Hotel Insomnia (1994, Marilyn)

Kings of Saturday Night (w/Ben Vaughn) (1995, Sector 2)

Bad News From the Underworld (1995

The Trip of a Lifetime (1998, Resurgence)

One Man’s Garbage (2009, Norton)

Another Man’s Gold (2009, Norton)

King of the Creeps (2012, Norton)

Technicolor Grease (2014, Norton)




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